Friday, 24 April 2015

hey guys....

So day 3 today, so far I'm doing pretty well. Today i had some great flavors in my juice and my smoothie :) :)  really enjoyed them to.

These are what they looked like today......

The green juices consist of....
* Apple
* Pear
* Cucumber
* Spinach Leaves
* Broccoli Stem
* Lime
* Ice

The smoothie (Berry Banana Crunch) ......

* Apples
* Mixed Berries (Blackberries, Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries)
* Natural Yogurt
* Banana
* Chia Seeds
* Ice

(Just to point out, i did have another smoothie later in the evening just hadn't included the picture,but i had the berry banana crunch again).

The green juices were so refreshing and tasted great, i am not a fan of pear at all but to be honest mixed with apple it tasted lovely. The smoothie went down a dream, so far all week I've not had a lot of sweet fruit in the juices so this was great to have mid week, and it was so filling with it being thicker it kept me going throughout the day. It was also the first time id had chia seeds too, id not heard of them before but after reading up on them i'l be using them a lot more in the future. They are loaded with nutrients which are great for your body and brain as they have a high  amount of antioxidants in them. Very easy to get hold of to, you can get them from your local health shops and supermarkets. (I got mine from asda) 

Still noticing the difference of detoxing this week, waking up in much better moods and feeling more energised during the day which is great. So 2 more days to go, some more fab tasting juices for tomorrow so take a look for the recipes for them followed with pics.

Catch up tomorrow

Byeeeee x

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