Wednesday, 22 April 2015

So day 2 of my 5 day juicing detox...

Going well so far, :) My juices on day 1 were easy to drink not too harsh in flavor, actually quite nice, i have tried these before so i didn't mind them at all. I found it a little bit frustrating while at work and seeing everyone's lunches which looked soooo tasty to me, especially after drinking juices all day, however i didn't feel hungry (well physically anyway). In my head mentally i thought i was hungry, i guess you do when your so used to chewing a meal like 3 times in the day lol. 

I felt so much better when i finished work i felt like i had more energy at the end of the day so i got a few jobs done, whereas normally id just slob out on the sofa and watch t.v all night, (lazy i know). That is one of the main results im hoping to see at the end of my 5 days is much more energy as i lack motivation towards the end of the day but i definitely saw a change yesterday.

Today (day 2) My juices changed ...

So the green juices consist of: 

* Apples
* Spinach Leaves
* Kale
* Lemon
* Celery
* Cucumber
* Broccoli Stem
* Avocado
* Ice

And the red juices consist of:

* Pineapple
* Carrots
* Raw Beetroot
* Raw Ginger
* Fresh Basil
* Ice 

The green juices tasted great, very similar to day 1, and putting the avocado in thickens it up so gives it texture more like a smoothie so it filled me up for longer :)

The red juices were not as tasty but i pushed through with these ones, the beetroot is very strong tasting, but the taste of pineapple does soften it a bit, but this is so good for you. :) 

So that is day 2 complete, day 3 tomorrow and i must say im looking forward to this one, got some great flavors and a very nice filling sweet smoothie to have too. (yum yum) ;) 

Join me for day 3's recipes tomorrow :) 

Byeeeee x

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